YPFDJ is the youth arm of People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ). We are determined to continue the legacy of the People’s Front (Hizbawi Ginbar) that made Eritrea’s independence a reality and to follow the footsteps of that unique generation by upholding its vision, principles and goals.

During the struggle for independence, EPLF managed to mobilize and politicize the masses for the benefit of the national cause through an effective organizational structure, institutional procedures, exemplary leadership and a clear vision. The EPLF was mainly composed of youth and it managed to create a value based organization where the commitment to the cause was the essence of the organisation. One of EPLF’s attributes that made it unique was its ability to meet the demands of its people by fighting dual struggles and also represent the diversity of Eritrea.

Organizations’ and nations’ development and survival rely on efficient and harmonious successions of generations. One generation plants the trees, while the next generation enjoys the shade. We, the youth of today, are enjoying the shades of an independent Eritrea. For the next generation to enjoy the shade of a prosperous Eritrea, we must play our historic role in the dual struggle of the defense and development of Eritrea, and the strengthening of Eritreans in Diaspora. Consequently, the presence of a strong PFDJ in the community, both senior and junior is essential.

The means to do this is by building a strong, conscious and patriotic Youth Movement based on the values, goals, experiences and principles of Hizbawi Ginbar. Recognizing that this task will not be realized in a day or through wishful thinking, we are ready to diligently work to overcome challenges and create opportunities.