The conference aims to involve Eritrean youth activists who are serving their communities and nation in different capacities. Also, several community leaders and organisations’ representatives are participating in the conference, which is addressing pertinent topics that affects the Eritrean youth inside and outside the country.

The youth conference, which is unique of its kind and nature, has attracted thousands of active youth members over the years. It has created a vibrant youth forum which critically analyse the numerous issues facing the daily lives of Eritrean youth in the diaspora as well the homeland and organise themselves to change their environment for a better future.

The goals of our annual conferences are:

  • Empower and strengthen the Eritrean youth in Diaspora and ensure our aim of “building a strong, conscious and patriotic youth movement” worldwide.
  • Come together to assess our performance, create common understanding and agree on a collective work plan for the future.
  • Offer a platform to assess the vast array of work carried out by the youth movement and also allow Eritrean youth to learn and interact with Eritrean leaders about Eritrea’s affairs.
  • Consolidate our work and organization.
  • Strengthen the unity and the network of our youth.