The aim of Euro YPFDJ niqhat program is to contribute our share in developing a conscious, committed and active citizen.
– Raise the level of consciousness and knowledge of our members and non-members in wide ranging subjects
– Develop a wide range of capable and skilled leaders in our movement.Here it is important to mention the fact that any teachings, discussions and any other consciousness raising exercise of the YPFDJ groups will be firmly based on the struggle and the historical Niqhat & Skills Programme YPFDJ 10 experience of the Eritrean people. The current generation of the Eritrean youth should develop its knowledge and consciousness based on the experience and realities of the previous Eritrean generations and especially the generation who fought and won the independence of Eritrea and revolutionized the ideological setup of building a strong Eritrea.

Training of Trainers (TOT)

TOT is where the leadership of Euro YPFDJ (core members and committee and chapter leaders) gathers to discuss topics such as leadership qualities, leadership development, empowering YPFDJ leadership and much more. Here we have the chance to set the course of our movement with a smaller group, minimize redundancy (double work) and create synergy.

Biddho Tour

Biddho Tour is a successful idea that started in Scandinavia in 2007, by the initiative of YPFDJ, to promote our youth movement, garner experience of cooperative work and raise funds for our YPFDJ conferences. Its second edition in 2008 gained a European dimension where most of our chapters in Europe hosted at least one concert. Euro YPFDJ has organized 10th Biddho Tours.

Euro YPFDJ Conference

The goals of our annual conferences are to empower and strengthen the Eritrean youth in Diaspora and ensure our aim of “building a strong, conscious and patriotic youth movement” worldwide. We come together to assess our performance, create common understanding and agree on a collective work plan for the future. Furthermore, the annual conference offers a platform to assess the vast array of work carried out by the youth movement and also allows Eritrean youth to learn and interact with Eritrean leaders about Eritrea’s affairs as well as strengthen the unity and the network of our youth across the globe.