Members of YPFDJ have different backgrounds and levels of commitment, knowledge, education, skills and competencies. It is vital that the potential of every member is materialized in the organization.Members of YPFDJ are a determinant key factor for the success of the movement; this fact cannot be emphasized enough. Considering YPFDJ members and leaders are fully volunteer and are expected to make impact in the diaspora and in Eritrea, the challenge of YPFDJ is how to engage and maximize the skills of Eritrean youth all over the world.
Therefore, we have identified seven major immediate and near-term strategic goals that we should focus on:

  1. Build a Value-based Organization
  2. Design Procedures for Institutionalization
  3. Develop a Niqhat & Skills Development Curriculum
  4. Strengthen and Transform our Community
  5. Build Strategic Relations
  6. Ensure Financial Stability
  7. Serve Eritrea from Erispora and in Eritrea

Our long-term goals are illustrated best by the acronym IDEASS. The acronym IDEASS, paints the process of serving Eritrea, realizing your Eritrean identity, increasing our awareness and becoming successful in our field of choice and professionalism. It endows our members with the necessary tools to optimally serve themselves, communities and Eritrea.

  • To Nurture and Develop Eritrea’s National Identity
  • Increase Societies Awareness and Consciousness Level about Eritrea
  • Support the Youth to Succeed in their Personal Goals
  • To Serve Eritrea and Local Communities