The Young People’s Front for Democracy & Justice (YPFDJ), an Eritrean youth organization in the Diaspora – will be holding its annual conference from 9th – 13nd of April 2019 in the Switzerland. This conference which is going to be the 16th consecutive Annual Conference in Europe, will be attended by more than 600 participants from YPFDJ Chapters around the world. 

The youth conference, which is unique of its kind and nature, has attracted thousands of active youth members over the years. It has created a vibrant youth forum which critically analyze the myriad issues facing in the daily lives of Eritrean youth in the diaspora as well the homeland and organize themselves to change their environment for a better future. 

The conference aims to involve Eritrean youth activists who are serving their communities and nation in different capacities. Also, several community leaders and organizations’ representatives will be participating in the conference, which will be addressing pertinent topics that affects the Eritrean youth inside and outside the country. 

After two decades of continuous hostilities, bloodshed, unjustified sanctions and countless other conspiracies against the State of Eritrea, the people of Eritrea have triumphed and, in the process, exposing all kinds of machinations and shenanigans. The resilience, defiance and unwavering determination of our people has finally borne peace and has ushered an era of hope and stability in the Horn of Africa.

In our determination to ensure a sovereign, viable and durable nation, the conference will be held under the theme of Peace, Participation & Prosperity! ሰላም፡ ሱታፌ፡ ራህዋ “!

Eritrea now finds itself in a new dawn of opportunities and is in the process of mapping out a new reality along with the region. Economic development and regional corporation will be vital pillars in the next phase to consolidate peace and ensure prosperity. It is therefore paramount that we play an active part in developing the economy by investing financially and reversing the brain-drain that we have suffered for centuries.

YPFDJ possesses the organizational skills and human capacity to play a pivotal role in the next decade by mobilizing the Diaspora, especially the youth, in the lift-off our nation and the region.

All preparations are underway to start the three-day intensive discussions, lectures, and engagements with Eritrean leaders as well as papers from keynote speakers. The organizing committee will provide further information of the conference in due course through various media outlets. 

For any query please send your email to 

YPFDJ Europe Conference Organizing Committee 

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