The youth movement inherits the values of the Eritrean people in general, and mirrors the values nurtured and developed during Eritrea’s struggle for independence, in particular. These values are described in detail in the PFDJ charter and are essential values YPFDJ will follow. Following are some of the primary values we uphold when we are serving our nation and people:

Love of country and people: Nationalism or Patriotism is a main factor that brings the Eritrean youth together under YPFDJ to serve the nation and create a better Eritrea.

Love of knowledge and critical mind: consciousness and knowledge of historical, current and future issues that affect our nation; and being able to critically analyze and understand national issues is a vital requirement for YPFDJ and enables the organization to make right decisions and serve the nation.

Equality, camaraderie and collective ownership: creating the right atmosphere and building trust amongst members of the youth movement is important for fostering a favorable working environment. In YPFDJ each member is treated equally, with respect and dignity towards each other.

Commitment, belief and passion: the membership of YPFDJ work as volunteers. The main driving forces and engine of the organization is the commitment, belief and passion of our members.

Hard work, action & result orientation: the YPFDJ organization inherits from its parent organization the deep belief that nothing can be achieved without dedication, hard work, discipline and principle.

Pragmatism, innovation and dynamism: the YPFDJ organization, which is made up of conscious, committed and capable young Eritreans, rely on the flexibility, innovation and dynamism of its members to achieve a better result with limited resource.